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Surrey Lib Dems call for reduced speed limits

July 21, 2010 6:00 AM

Research shows a direct link between reductions in speeds and reductions in overall casualties and their severity

The Liberal Democrats on Surrey County Council have called for the council to fund the reduced speed limit schemes already approved by the council's local committees.

The Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Surrey County Council Cllr Hazel Watson said: "Reduced speed limits will help to reduce traffic speeds. National research clearly shows a direct link between reductions in traffic speeds and reductions in overall casualty numbers and their severity."

"These reduced speed limits need to be implemented to reduce the number of accidents causing deaths or injuries on Surrey's roads, with the human suffering that this brings to families and friends. The cost of implementing a reduced speed limit is £10,000, which is about a tenth of the average cost of just one road accident at about £100,000. A reduced speed limit is therefore good value for money."

Cllr Watson added: "By contrast, if the reduced speed limits are not implemented soon, the money spent so far will have been wasted, because speed surveys are time limited. It doesn't make sense to waste money by not finishing these schemes. If implementation is delayed it would mean starting the lengthy process all over again from the beginning, with duplication of costs and wasted officer time."

She concluded: "These reduced speed limits have the support of local people, because local committees have approved them. For these decisions not to be implemented because the Cabinet has decided not to fund them, undermines democracy and shows that decision-making is being centralised."