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Welcome to the website of the Epsom & Ewell Liberal Democrats

We are a group of local residents, not professional politicians. We work together to promote a fair, free and open society. Our funds are raised through the efforts of our own members, without any subsidy by government, unions or businesses.

We believe that the role of national governments, and of local councils, should be to provide those services that their citizens require, without seeking to impose unnecessary limits or to needlessly restrict individual freedoms.

If you agree with this philosophy, you would be welcome to join us. Contact FOCUS@epsom-ewell-libdems.org.uk

  • Cllr Hazel Watson outside County Hall
    Article: Sep 21, 2016

    Liberal Democrats on Surrey County Council have revealed almost £67m of public money has been spent on buying properties outside the county, using a council-owned property company called Halsey Garton Property Limited. The properties purchased with funding from the Conservative-run Council were mainly warehouses situated in locations such as Wiltshire, Bristol, Worksop and Salford. The most expensive acquisition was an office in Bristol, at the cost of just under £20m.

  • Cllr Stephen Cooksey
    Article: Sep 16, 2016

    Liberal Democrat Councillors have criticised Tory-run Surrey County Council after discovering that residents have still not been informed about plans to turn off thousands off street lights at night.

    In response to a question at the July County Council meeting from Councillor Stephen Cooksey, Liberal Democrat Spokesman for Highways & Environment, the Council stated that it was planning to permanently turn off 45,000 street lamps from midnight until 5.00am. The first phase of 33,000 lights was scheduled for 1st October 2016 and the second, of 12,000 lights, for December or January. But Surrey County Council have admitted that the process has been delayed and that they cannot give a date as to when residents will find out if they will be left in the dark by these proposals or not.

  • Cllr Fiona White & Nick Markwick of the Surrey Coalition of Disabled People
    Article: Sep 8, 2016

    Liberal Democrat Councillors have strongly criticised Conservative-run Surrey County Council for agreeing to hike adult social care charges by over £1m for disabled and vulnerable residents. The new charges, due to take effect from 3rd October 2016, have been pushed through by the Conservative-run Council, despite a consultation which showed strong opposition to the plans by residents and disability groups.

    Previously, Surrey residents in receipt of Personal Independence Payments, Attendance Allowance and Disability Living Allowance had the first £27.20 of their benefit disregarded when the Council was calculating their income. From October, the full amount of their benefit will be taken into account - which means that Surrey County Council will be billing disabled residents for an extra £1m. The increase in charges follows the deepening crisis for Adult Social Care services in the county and the failure of the Conservatives at County Hall to come to grips with a spiralling budget and years of overspends.

    In June this year, the cross-party Social Care Services Board heard evidence from the Surrey Coalition of Disabled People and Action for Carers, who both strongly opposed the changes. The Board went on to criticise the proposals noting that there was "strong resistance to the proposed changes, and concerns about the detrimental impact on disabled people, their carers and families given the reduction in disposable income". And in July, the Conservative Cabinet was presented with the results from the consultation which showed that 61% of respondents "disagreed or disagreed strongly" with the proposal. This follows on from another recent consultation where the Council ignored the views of residents - the unpopular "Tory Tip Tax" - a charge local people have to pay to use their local Community Recycling Centre.

    Cllr Fiona White, Spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats on Social Care said:

    "In just a few weeks time, our Conservative-run County Council will start charging an extra one million pounds from 700 of our most vulnerable residents. How on earth can they justify spending millions of pounds on buying property outside of Surrey, whilst pushing through a proposal that will cause real hardship to disabled people? One of the most important aspects of our role as Councillors is to protect vulnerable and disabled residents, and help improve the quality of their lives. These proposals are anathema to that and it is appalling that these plans have been given the nod by the Conservatives - they should hang their heads in shame.

  • Article: Aug 31, 2016

    Liberal Democrat councillors are warning that the Conservative-run County Council's plans to charge the public for using Community Recycling Centres, as well as reducing their opening hours, could lead to even bigger increases in fly-tipping across Surrey. Recent figures show that fly-tipping across the county has doubled in the last two years, from 2093 tonnes in 2013/14 to 4441 tonnes in 2015/16.

  • Happy Face 2
    Article: Jul 3, 2016

    Congratulations to Joe Crome and the Lib Dem Focus team in Mole Valley, who have gained Leatherhead North with a spectacular 19.5% swing from the Conservatives.

    As reported on Twitter by @britainelects ("Britain Elects") the resuls were:

    • LDEM: 56.6% (+27.4)
    • CON: 22.3% (-11.7)
    • UKIP: 10.3% (-7.9)
    • LAB: 8.9% (-5.7)
    • GRN: 1.8% (-2.1)
  • Article: Jun 24, 2016

    Tim Farron has said that this "self-inflicted wound" will be David Cameron's legacy as he commented on the Prime Minister's resignation.

    12 months ago David Cameron had the best result of his career. Today, the worst.

    I was honoured to share a platform with the Prime Minster on this campaign, but this result, this self-inflicted wound, will be his legacy.

    There have been many things I did not agree with the Prime Minister on, but I must thank him for his stewardship of the country and for the way he took the very bold decision to create a Coalition Government in 2010. It was an incredible act of bi-partisan cooperation.

    The result of the referendum has left him with no choice. In this immediate period, the Government must act quickly to steady the economy, reassure the markets, and immediately set a new course.

    Greater instability will lead to job uncertainty, falling investment, and greater pressure on public services.

    There is no doubt this is going to be an incredibly testing, difficult and fractious time.

    David Cameron has become the latest Conservative leader to fall victim to his party's dangerous obsession with Europe. The Conservative's political maneuvering has taken our country to the brink, and today we have toppled over the edge.

  • Article: Jun 24, 2016

    Remain: 23,596 52.0%

    Leave: 21,747 48.0%

    Turnout: 80.4%

  • EU Flag
    Article: Jun 19, 2016

    What use is the EU?

    Here are some practical benefits:

    • Right to live anywhere in the EU.
    • Right to work anywhere in the EU.
    • Free healthcare within the EU.
    • Equal pay for men and women.
    • Right to maternity leave.
    • Parental leave for men and women.
    • Equal rights for temps and part-timers.
    • Limit to required working hours.
    • Right to work breaks for all.
    • Protection from discrimination.
    • Four weeks paid leave.
    • No loss of leave rights due to ill health.
    • Recognition of professional qualifications.
    • More jobs due to the common market.
    • Fighting exploitation of labour.
    • Safety in the workplace.
    • Tackling violence against women.
    • Fighting human trafficking.
    • Tackling female genital mutilation FGM.
    • No roaming charges for mobile phones.
    • Cheaper air travel by banning price fixing.
    • Compensation for delayed flights.
    • Lower common market food prices.
    • Electrical appliances that cost less to use.
    • UK criminals face arrest throughout the EU.
    • Crime victims protected throughout the EU.
    • Standing up to multi-national corporations.
    • Clean water standards.
    • Food quality standards.
    • Pollution limits for trucks and buses.
    • Blue flag scheme for beaches.
    • Control of "bucket shop" travel agents.
  • Confused?
    Article: Jun 19, 2016

    "Billion", "Percent", "Better", "Worse", "Leave", "Remain".

    Confused? We're not surprised!

    "Unrealistic", "Scaremonger", "Right", "Wrong", "Stay in", "Get out".

    Which are the real experts? Who should we believe?

    Could Britain be more prosperous outside the EU?

    • Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Justice, says Yes
    • Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, says No
  • Holiday Money
    Article: Jun 19, 2016

    Have you bought any holiday money lately? No doubt you always aim to get the best deal available. But will you get a good deal this year, though?

    Unless you always stick to UK holidays, you have probably bought yourself some Dollars or Euros. Have you noticed how badly the current rates of exchange compare with last year's rates?

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