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We see our role as standing up for what YOU the local residents want, rather than what THEY the people calling the shots think you ought to be satisfied with.

If you care about the place you live in and want to get involved with local issues, we'd be glad to hear from you and discuss how you could play a part in building an even better community.

Tim Murphy (Chairman)

  • Hazel Watson
    Article: May 18, 2015

    The Liberal Democrats on Surrey County Council are calling for the threshold number of signatures on a petition to be reduced from 10,000 to 3,000 to allow a petition to be debated at full Council meetings.

    Cllr Hazel Watson, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Opposition on Surrey County Council, said:" The Conservative administration at County Hall is setting the threshold for the number of signatures on a petition to allow it to be debated at full Council far too high at 10,000. It should be drastically reduced to 3,000 signatures to give residents a realistic chance of presenting a petition for debate at full Council."

  • Lib Dem logo
    Article: May 15, 2015

    Perhaps the most surprising thing since polling day last week has been the unprecedented surge in membership of the Liberal Democrats, both nationally and locally.

    So much so that any figures quoted become out-dated almost immediately - but within a week we passed 12,000 new members nationally, with a similar percentage increase locally.

  • Epsom Town Hall
    Article: May 14, 2015

    The new Epsom & Ewell borough council will look very different.

    For one thing, half the members are new. We wish them all well. We trust they will find being an elected councillor an interesting and rewarding experience - and bear in mind they were elected to serve the interests of all the residents of this great borough.

  • Another Tory cut.
    Article: May 4, 2015

    Surrey County Council plans to save money by closing 7 of its 58 children's centres, including Meadow Sure Start centre in Stoneleigh.

    A decision to launch a "consultation" on this is due to be taken shortly by the county council's Cabinet, consiting entirely of Conservative councillors. Lib Dem and other opposition councillors may be allowed to speak at this meeting, but only Conservatives can vote.

  • Epsom Hospital Demo 1
    Article: May 4, 2015

    Local Liberal Democrats joined the recent cross-party demonstration outside Epsom Hospital arranged by the GMB and the Epsom Guardian.

    There were also Conservative, Labour, Green and UKIP representatives. Including the two Independent candidates, five of Epsom & Ewell's seven parliamentary candidates took part. The Residents Association were not represented. (We don't know if they were invited, though.)

  • Lib Dem logo
    Article: Apr 26, 2015

    Epsom & Ewell Liberal Democrats have published their 2015 Manifesto for the Borough Council Elections.

    It is included in the April editions of FOCUS and can be downloaded here.

    This is in addition to the 2015 Local Government Manifesto and the 2015 General Election Manifesto.

    They can all be downloaded using the links above or below:

  • Lib Dem logo
    Article: Apr 25, 2015

    This is a link to the Liberal Democrats 2015 General Election Manifesto.

    There is also a 2015 Local Government Manifesto and a 2015 Manifesto for Epsom & Ewell.

    They can all be downloaded using the links above or below:

  • Free Childcare
    Article: Apr 21, 2015

    Almost one-third of Surrey parents are unable to take up childcare places with most failing to take up the childcare places because it is too expensive according to a recent report published by Surrey County Council. Instead, they have to rely on other family members, particularly grandparents, to help with all or some of their childcare needs if they want to return to work or study.

    Cllr Hazel Watson Leader of the Liberal Democrat Opposition on Surrey County Council said: "Childcare costs in Surrey are so expensive that many parents just cannot use the childcare that is available as it leaves them in a pay-neutral or pay-negative position."

    This arises where the cost of childcare plus the cost of travel wipe out someone's entire net of tax earnings, preventing many parents from going out to work and from earning a living to support their families.

    It is also stopping those parents from contributing their skills to the Surrey economy.

    Hazel Watson continued, "The cost of childcare should not be a barrier to parents taking up childcare and going to work. Childcare is a necessity for working parents, not a luxury, and should be available, at an affordable price, to all and especially to those on low incomes.

    Hazel Watson added, "In order to meet this need, the County Council has to ensure that there are enough childcare places at affordable prices in Surrey to meet demand."

    Hazel Watson concluded, "It is no good having childcare places on offer to parents if they are too expensive and unaffordable to parents who want to go out to work to support their families."

  • David Lee
    Article: Apr 2, 2015

    Liberal Democrat David Lee has regained his seat on Tandridge District Council by winning the Whyteleafe ward by-election with a 50% share of the vote.

    Full result:

    David Lee, Liberal Democrats 393 (50.0%)
    Conservative 274 (34.9%)
    UKIP 119 (!5.1%)

    Swing 15.3% con to Lib Dem

  • Bus
    Article: Mar 22, 2015

    Liberal Democrats on Surrey County Council have proposed that the Conservative run Council shelves its planned cuts to bus services following the recent significant fall in oil prices.

    Liberal Democrat County Councillor Will Forster (South Woking) said: " The County Council is currently reviewing bus services across Surrey and is seeking to cut spending on buses and bus passes by around £2 million. The recent public consultation on the Surrey Transport Review received 6,800 comments, which just goes to show how important bus services are for Surrey residents.

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