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Welcome to the website of the Epsom & Ewell Liberal Democrats

As the main opposition party on both Epsom & Ewell Borough Council and Surrey County Council, we see our role as standing up for what YOU the local residents want, rather than what THEY the people calling the shots think you ought to be satisfied with.

If you care about the place you live in and want to get involved with local issues, we'd be glad to hear from you and discuss how you could play a part in building an even better community.

General Election 7 May - Candidate: Steve Gee

Visit Steve Gee's website at Steve4Epsom.com

  • Will Forster
    Article: Mar 22, 2015

    Liberal Democrats on Surrey County Council have proposed that the Conservative run Council shelves its planned cuts to bus services following the recent significant fall in oil prices.

    Liberal Democrat County Councillor Will Forster (South Woking) said: " The County Council is currently reviewing bus services across Surrey and is seeking to cut spending on buses and bus passes by around £2 million. The recent public consultation on the Surrey Transport Review received 6,800 comments, which just goes to show how important bus services are for Surrey residents.

    "At the County Council meeting on 17 March I proposed the following motion for debate:

    'In light of the recent significant fall in oil prices, Council calls on the Leader of the Council and the Cabinet to ensure the Transport Review and negotiations with bus operating companies are conducted to preserve bus services throughout Surrey.'""

    Cllr Forster added: "Since the Council announced its transport review, there has been significant fall in the oil price across the world and the cost of fuel is one of the biggest single costs in running a bus service. As a result, the Council should drop its planned cuts to bus services and change its approach to reviewing bus services. The fall in the oil price massively strengthens the hand of the Council to get a good deal out of the bus companies to both preserve our bus services and at a reduced cost to the council taxpayer."

    The Conservative majority rejected the motion and amended it to remove the requirement that existing bus services should be preserved.

    Cllr Forster concluded, "Our roads are already congested as it is, the Conservative administration at County Hall should be looking at ways to encourage public transport not reduce what little we have further. Residents clearly feel passionately about not losing their bus services, it is a shame the Conservatives running the County Council do not feel the same way."

  • heathrow plane noise
    Article: Mar 18, 2015

    Calls by Liberal Democrats for no more runways at Heathrow and Gatwick were voted down by the Conservatives at County Hall yesterday.

    Cllr Ian Beardsmore, (Sunbury Common and Ashford Common) said: "With Heathrow claiming that expansion there would mean 120,000 new jobs, there is deep concern as to where these people will live and the consequent impact on the green belt. The local councils near to Heathrow are already struggling to meet housing demand. A similar threat remains should Gatwick be chosen over Heathrow with large areas of countryside in the southern part of Surrey at risk of being destroyed. The Conservatives refused to face up to or to answer these concerns."

  • Artist's impression of 2-way South St (Courtesy of Surrey News)
    Article: Mar 9, 2015

    Surrey County Council will exhibit plans for Epsom town centre in the Ebbisham Centre on 18, 19 and 21 March. They include allowing traffic from West Street to turn right into South Street, which would become two-way.

    Lib Dem councillors regret the wasted opportunity for a bigger improvement by making Ashley Avenue two-way through to Ashley Road. However the Residents Association rejected that when Plan E was under discussion.

  • Cllr Alison Kelly
    Article: Mar 8, 2015

    Responding to the 2015 budget for Epsom & Ewell, Lib Dem councillor Alison Kelly noted that the Residents Association needed a 2% council tax increase because they had run out of reserves and run out of fresh ideas.

    There was a clear need to focus on income that would be of benefit to residents. Waste Management costs have risen. Income can be made from recycling, yet targets have been missed. Greater investment could have paid for a council tax freeze.

  • Fiona White
    Article: Mar 2, 2015

    One privately owned residential care home in Surrey has recently been closed by Care Quality Commission meaning that older people had to be moved at short notice. Another home close to Surrey's borders which the council has used for care packages was also closed down. A check of Care Quality Commission's website shows that there are 5 privately owned homes within 13 miles of Guildford where they have been found to be inadequate in one or more categories.

  • Steve Gee (Nick Cunard)
    Article: Feb 23, 2015
    By Sarah Richardson in Building

    Steve Gee is not a man to shy away from a challenge. Not content with being the boss of QS John Rowan, Steve is standing as Liberal Democrat candidate for his local constituency of Epsom & Ewell. Building is joining him on the campaign trail.

    The managing director of 100-strong QS John Rowan & Partners has steered the company through two recessions - including a 1990s crash which left the practice with just five staff, who alongside their surveying work had to clean the office toilets because they couldn't afford extra help. In 2011, after discussions with staff who hail from New Zealand, he offered his practice's services to help rebuild Christchurch following an earthquake that killed 185 people. At the time, most other construction firms backed away from the troubled £14bn programme amid wrangling over insurance claims and political inertia.

  • Superfast Braodband fibre box
    Article: Feb 13, 2015

    Liberal Democrat County Councillor Hazel Watson, who provided evidence to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Parliamentary Select Committee on the rollout of Superfast Broadband in the villages and rural areas of Surrey, has welcomed the Select Committee's Report on the roll-out of Superfast Broadband.

  • Catherine bearder
    Article: Feb 11, 2015

    A majority of MEPs have backed a Liberal Democrat amendment calling for the Chilcot Inquiry to be published in a European Parliament resolution today, with 374 MEPs voting in favour and 284 against.

    MEPs also gave their support to calls for a full inquiry to be launched into the UK and other EU governments complicity in CIA torture programmes, in particular following allegations that CIA interrogations took place on the British territory of Diego Garcia

  • burning money
    Article: Feb 10, 2015

    Liberal Democrats are calling on Conservative run Surrey County Council to adopt proposals in a recently published report about carbon and energy policy which sets out ways in which the County Council could save money on its sky high energy bills and reduce its carbon emissions, benefiting the environment.

  • Pothole
    Article: Feb 9, 2015

    The recently published Surrey County Council Budget for 2015/16 has revealed a reduction of £400,000 in funding for Highways and Transport compared with this year. The Budget is set to be decided by the County Council on 10 February.

    Cllr Stephen Cooksey, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Highways and Transport said: "I am calling on the Conservative administration at County Hall to increase funding for Highways and Transport by £1 million by transferring the money from Business Services. The Highways budget is set to overspend by nearly £1 million this year whilst Business Services is expected to underspend by £4.5 million. It therefore makes sense to put the money where it is needed, with Highways and Transport.

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