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We see our role as standing up for what YOU the local residents want, rather than what THEY the people calling the shots think you ought to be satisfied with.

If you care about the place you live in and want to get involved with local issues, we'd be glad to hear from you and discuss how you could play a part in building an even better community.

Tim Murphy (Chairman)

  • Lib Dems Winning Here
    Article: Jul 24, 2015

    Congratulations to newly elected councillor Neil Houston and the Lib Dem team in Long Ditton ward, Elmbridge, who held the seat by taking more than half the total votes cast with a 9% swing from Tory to Lib Dem since May.

    This part of Surrey adjoins Greater London. Coming on the tail of significant Lib Dem wins in nearby Sutton, Kingston, Richmond, Mole Valley and Croydon, this win represents a key defence against the Tories in the Greater London area,

  • Article: Jul 23, 2015
    In SCC Local Committee for Epsom & Ewell http://tinyurl.com/pbjzcmm

    For many years, the possibility of building a lay-by outside the parade of shops on East Street next to Chuters Grove has been discussed. Residents have complained, that parking on the highway and also on the pavement has delayed traffic wanting to travel into Epsom and also made it difficult to see oncoming traffic from vehicles turning onto East Street. Officers had been reluctant to build a lay-by as it would be very expensive due to the pipes and cables under the pavement which would have to be lowered.

  • Lib Dems Winning Here
    Article: Jul 20, 2015

    There was a stunning result in last week's by-election in Grove Ward, Kingston, where Lib Dem Jon Tolley was elected with a with a greatly increased majority majority of 889 votes over the Conservative candidate.

    This represents a remarkable surge in support for the Liberal Democrats, as In the previous by-election in this ward, held on the same day as the General Election, the Lib Dem candidate had won by just 18 votes.

  • 20mph sign
    Article: Jul 13, 2015
    The Liberal Democrats on Surrey County Council are calling on the Council to provide the necessary funding to implement 20 mph speed limits outside Surrey schools where requested by the school and the local community.

    Cllr Hazel Watson, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Surrey County Council, said "Surrey parents want their children to be safe going to and from school and 20 mph speed limits outside schools help to achieve this by reducing traffic speeds and improving road safety. A reduced speed limit warns drivers that they need to slow down near a school and in general drivers do slow down."

    In Mole Valley, the County Council introduced three trial 20 mph advisory limits outside schools and following the trial the 20 mph advisory limits were made permanent. However, whilst making these trial 20 mph limits permanent, the County Council also decided not to roll-out the trial to cover the roads outside other schools in the district.

    Cllr Hazel Watson said, "There can be no justification for the 20 mph advisory limits to be restricted to just these three schools in Mole Valley. If a 20 mph advisory limit is appropriate for the road outside one school then it is almost certainly appropriate for the roads outside almost all, if not all, schools in the district. The safety of all our children is paramount, not just the safety of the children who attend a school selected for a 20 mph advisory speed limit trial."

    Cllr Watson added: "Requests for 20 mph speed limits stretch across the whole of Surrey. Just to give a few examples within my own Division of Dorking Hills, a 20 mph speed limit is needed on Ranmore Road near to St Martin's School in Dorking and also outside the Abinger Common site of Surrey Hills School on Abinger Lane where there is a 60 mph speed limit and no pavements. Also requests have been made by the school and the local community for a 20 mph speed limit near Boxhill School in Mickleham where the boarding houses and the school are on opposite sides of the road - a situation which led to a fatal accident at another school in the South East in the recent past."

    Cllr Watson continued: "Whilst many Surrey parents want 20 mph speed limits to be implemented outside their child's school as is common in many areas outside Surrey, Surrey County Council is being very slow to introduce them. This begs the question: Why is it so difficult to get a 20 mph speed limit introduced here in Surrey? I believe that the answer is that it is not a high priority for the Conservative administration. To quote the Leader of the County Council when giving evidence to a House of Commons Select Committee in 2014: The problem is that it is all very well putting in a 20 mph limit, but unless somebody is going to enforce it you have wasted a whole lot of money. My view is that I have no intention of wasting public money putting in 20 mph zones."

    Cllr Watson concluded: "I simply do not believe the Council Leader's analysis. The evidence across the country shows that drivers do slow down where there are 20 mph speed limits outside schools and any reduction in traffic speeds outside our schools is welcome. I am thus asking the Conservative administration to respond to Surrey residents in a positive way by prioritising funding to implement 20 mph limits outside those schools where the school and the community request them. We must not wait until a child is killed or injured crossing the road near their school before introducing a 20 mph limit. The safety of Surrey's children must be a top priority, not put at the bottom of the pile."

  • Fiona White
    Article: Jul 13, 2015

    The Liberal Democrats on Surrey County Council are calling for action to be taken by the council to recruit and retain more Social Workers in the County. The need for action follows an inadequate rating by Ofsted inspectors of Surrey's Children's Services in a report published last month.

    There is also a growing need for Social Workers to protect vulnerable adults with an increasingly ageing population in the County.

  • Geraldine Locke
    Article: Jul 4, 2015

    Geraldine Locke only joined the Liberal Democrats in May. On July 3rd she won the Hampton Wick by‑election in Twickenham - taking a previously safe Tory seat where the Lib Dems had not won since 1998.


    • Geraldine Locke [Lib Dem]: 1,189 (42.96%)
    • Conservative: 1,081 [39.05%]
    • Green Party: 237 [8.56%]
    • Labour: 185 [6.68%]
    • UKIP: 69 [2.49%]
    • Independent: 7 [0.25%]
  • Holmwoods celebrations
    Article: Jun 22, 2015

    The Mole Valley Liberal Democrats have taken both seats in the Holmwoods by election. Previously one of these seats was held by UKIP.

    The Holmwoods is the area of Surrey just south of Dorking.

    Claire Malcomson came top of the poll with 804 votes, followed by Clayton Wellman with 768. The Conservatives got 492 and 458, followed by UKIP (201 & 180) and Greens (105 & 78).

  • Bench for newts pond (Lower Mole Countryside Trust)
    Article: Jun 22, 2015
    By Epsom & Ewell Local Committee in Surrey County Council website

    Lower Mole Countryside Trust sought funding to create a dog free area to protect great crested newts.

    Field Pond in Horton Country Park is home to a population of the European protected species, the great crested newt. Unfortunately they are under threat due to disturbance from dogs so a wooden post and rail fence, with netting, has now been erected to create a dog free area, gates have also been installed to allow the continuation of public access for the quiet enjoyment of the pond. Overhanging vegetation has been cleared back to allow in more light which has improved the pond for the newts. A bench has also been installed beside the pond.

  • Lib Dems Winning Here
    Article: Jun 13, 2015

    The Carshalton and Wallington Lib Dems have achieved a brilliant win in the Wallington South by election.

    Steve Cook, the new Lib Dem councillor, ran a fantastic campaign resulting in a 7% increase in our vote.

    Congratulations to the whole team!

    Article: Jun 4, 2015

    OFSTED carried out an inspection of services for children in need of help and protection, children looked after and care leavers in Surrey in October and November 2014. Today it published its inspection report with the overall judgment that Surrey County Council's Children's Services are "inadequate".

    In the report, OFSTED inspectors found "widespread and serious failures that potentially leave children at risk of harm." They were particularly critical of the inadequate leadership, management and governance of Children's Services in Surrey.

    The Inspectors found that a reorganisation of Children's Services in March 2014 had resulted in a significant number of children in need not receiving an adequate service. For example, the service for children who go missing from home or care was judged inadequate because the children do not always have a return interview to ensure that they are safe.

    The County Council also had failed to demonstrate the impact for neglected children with child protection plans. Many case records for children were not up to date and lacked enough detail to show sufficient support to help children.

    Leader of the Liberal Democrat Opposition on Surrey County Council, Cllr Hazel Watson, said: "This report is a shocking wake up call for the Conservative administration at County Hall."

    She continued, "Protecting vulnerable children from harm should be the top priority for the County Council. Sadly the leadership and management in Surrey have been severely lacking, which has put such vulnerable children at risk of harm."

    Cllr Hazel Watson added: "The County Council has already started work to implement all of the recommendations made by the Inspectors. These include improved training for social workers, better assessment and planning for looked after children and more support for care leavers. I am pleased that the work to put things right is already underway."

    Cllr Hazel Watson will be continuing to work with the Conservative administration and representatives of other Political Groups to ensure that the report's recommendations are fully implemented. She is also pressing the County Council to do much more to recruit and retain social workers in Surrey so that there are enough experienced social workers to provide the best service possible for Surrey's children.

    Cllr Hazel Watson concluded: "Surrey's Conservative administration has to make significant improvements in Children's Services as it has brushed the problems under the carpet for far too long. I hope that following the recent change in the Cabinet member responsible for Children's Services in Surrey that this new leadership will result in rapid improvement."

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